ANNOUNCEMENT: Coffee Date is going on indefinite hiatus

Please take a minute to learn why

Hey everyone,

I’m sending this out to let you know that Coffee Date is going on hiatus effective this week. There are a few reasons for this and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Firstly, it has become clear to me that I can no longer support Substack (this is a good explanation as to why.) This will be the last communication I send out using this platform unless major changes are made to stop funding bigotry and make amends for the harms already done.

Secondly, I am having to become increasingly choosy about how I’m using my time. My freelance writing career is (finally!) taking off, and that means having to ditch or scale back on some projects to make time for what’s most crucial. I love writing Coffee Date, but I’m not sure quite where or if it fits with my long-term goals right now.

So what is happening to the newsletter?

I don’t know yet if Coffee Date will continue and if so, how. I’m planning to look into other platforms and see what options are out there. If anyone knows of any e-newsletter platforms that are reasonably priced and will not require me to give my legal name and address, please let me know.

I’m also questioning the value of this offering. As much as I love sitting down to write to you all every other week, I’m not sure the newsletter gives you anything the blog can’t. The readership here is tiny compared to the main site, and it seems a little pointless to restrict certain content to such a small audience (especially because I don’t want to go down the paid newsletter route.)

One possibility I’m considering is making “the monthly coffee date” a feature on the blog, where I share personal updates, recommendations, and affiliate deals in a dedicated post each month.

I’m not sure yet. What do you all think? If this missive offers you something very different to what you get from the blog, please let me know. If you’d be happy to get the same content over there instead, that’s useful info, too.

What will happen to your data?

For those who have signed up to receive Coffee Date by email, I intend to keep your email addresses for now until I have decided on the newsletter’s future. If I switch to a new platform, I’ll take them over there. If I decide to close the newsletter permanently, I’ll delete them securely.

If you would prefer me not to keep your email, please just drop me a line on and I will remove it from the list immediately.

See you on the other side

Thank you all so much for your support over the last few months. I’d love you to keep in touch and, of course, continue to follow the blog.

If this newsletter has been helpful to you, you can show your appreciation by buying me a coffee. Alternatively, you can show your support for free by following me on Twitter or sharing my site content with your friends.

See you later.

Amy x