Coffee Date #2: Freelancing For Real

On a monumental career shift

Hey friends!

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This week on the blog

Sexy deals of the week

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Reads, watches, listens

Reading… I was in the mood for some light reading this week, so I finally picked up Faker by Sarah Smith, which has been on my shelf for months. It’s a funny and easy-reading rom-com and the main character is a woman of colour working in a male-dominated industry (and kicking ass doing it.)

Watching… I’ve been having little theatre and film watch-parties with my secondary partner and their primary, neither of whom I have seen in about six months at this point. Last week we watched Moana, which was just sweet and utterly delightful. Then a couple days ago we watched the Royal Ballet’s production of The Sleeping Beauty streamed on Youtube, which was breathtakingly beautiful.

Listening… I was in my car for over an hour today for the first time in goodness knows how long. I listened to (and sang along with!) the entire soundtrack of Six The Musical. For those of you who don’t know it, it’s a powerful, joyful, occasionally heartbreaking and occasionally hilarious reimagining of Henry VIII’s six wives as a diverse, feminist girl band… who get together to make an album about how much he sucked.

Behind the Scenes: Freelancing For Real

As of five days ago, I no longer have a “Day Job” and am a fully-fledged, full-time freelancer. It hasn’t entirely sunk in yet that this is real, especially because it’s been something I’ve wanted and worked for and waited for since I was in my early teens - well over half my life. I keep expecting to wake up and have to put on business dress and go to the office (even though I hadn’t been to the office in four and a half months since the beginning of the pandemic. My brain is weird.)

Becoming self-employed is the biggest life-change I’ve made in years. Possibly ever. No longer having the security of a regular pay cheque to fall back on if it all goes horribly wrong is a little terrifying. I’m still feeling out my rules and limits and boundaries, how I’m going to look after myself while building the career and the life I want.

It’s going to take some getting used to but I am very, very happy with this transition overall.

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Last word

This week, I want to leave you with this: go after what you want.

The world is a strange and scary place right now, and many of us - including me - are struggling to keep our mental health in order and our spirits up. We need to grasp for whatever joy, fun, pleasure, love, and other good things we can find right now.

So whatever it is, big or small, life-changing or just day-brightening, my challenge to you all this week is to go for what you want. You deserve it.

See you in 2 weeks.

Amy xx